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Employment Verification

JobHistory is a web-based, automated and secured platform to help you respond to ex-employee verification requests coming from background screening agencies or any other requestors in a prompt, effective and efficient manner. It helps data providers get exit employee analytics, build actionable business critical insights that they have been struggling to put together otherwise.

JobHistory relieves employers from handling employment verification requests, by offloading this responsibility to our central repository.

We deliver powerful insights on exited employees and propsect employees to help employers manage attrition, hite better and build an amazing work culture. How it Works:

1. Employee leaves Company A to join Company B
2. Company B raises verification request with the Auditor
3. Company HR/Auditor logs into JobHistory for verification
4. JobHistory verifies employee information using Data contributed by Company A

HR Management System

HRMS that's transforming HR.

JobHistory HRMS is a Centralized employee data management system for easy maintenance of all employee records from different locations and departments. It lets you Track and Manage Your Most Valuable Assets - Your Employees.

With customisable reports, automated and streamlined processes, this HR management system gives you the tools you need to support your business.

Jobhistory HRMS offers:

1. Ease of Operation
2. Scalability
3. Security and privacy
4. Cost effective. It's Free
5. Cloud based solution
6. AI powered Analytics

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Safeguard both you and your employees with our affordable tailor-made approach to HR Information management and employment verification


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