Hunt for Talent is becoming more difficult then ever. Companies are being forced to pay higher salaries and provide add on benefits never heard of in their industry before. From swanky offices to travelling in the Business class, free food to monthly outings is becoming a norm to retain and keep the employees happy and motivated.

Hiring the right employee is a challenging process. Hiring the wrong employee is expensive and time consuming. Hiring the right employee pays you back in employee productivity and a positive impact on the company culture & morale.

This is not a comprehensive guide to hiring, but these steps are key to gaining a competitive edge when recruiting the ‘Perfect Employee’ for your organization:

  1. Employee Referrals

    Share JD’s with your team and ask them to share across social media and refer good candidates they know that fit the profile. Referral candidates are more likely to convert and stay longer. Employees refer good quality candidates as their reputation is also on the line, saving you considerable time weeding out the zombies.

  2. New sources for Recruitment

    Today’s recruiters know that online recruitment is the norm, which not only opens up the talent pool exponentially, but also provides a wealth of resources that can help with recruitment efforts. try Linkedin Recruiter, HackerRank, CodeChef, RoundOne,, Glassdoor, Cutshort as alternate hiring portals and see what works best for you.

  3. Communicate a strong Employee Value Proposition

    If you have it, Flaunt it! Show off the office and team events with pictures on Google Business listings, Glassdoor, Company website and social media pages. Show off the existing talent pool that you have, tell them that you offer competitive salaries, free food, etc. Employees today spend major part of their life in the office and see it as a second home.

  4. Thorough Interviews

    Make sure you are as thorough as need be when interviewing a candidate. No smart candidate like to be poked for information again and again and appearing for interviews time and again. Ask relevant questions to make assess the domain knowledge as well as the candidates aptitude and if he/she fits into the company culture. Good candidates will appreciate this and talk about it amongst their friends.

  5. Offer a Great Interview experience

    Do not keep the prospective employees waiting. Ask for water, food. Tell them in advance if they need bring Laptop, Printed CV’s etc. Give breaks if interviews are long. Because even if they aren’t selected, if they enjoy the experience, they will refer their friends to your company.

  6. Good off-boarding process

    Nurturing relationships with employees that are leaving your organization is an art. Don’t burn bridges and make their off boarding process as smooth as possible. Wish them all the luck for the future (perhaps throw a farewell party?) because they will go out into the world and talk about your company. And you want them to say positive things, don’t you? This will help improve your inbound talent pool traffic.

  7. Monitor Your Competition

    Monitoring your competition is very vital for hiring and retaining top talent. See what companies their top employees come from, and how they review the company. This will immediately help overhaul the quantity and quality of your applicant pool. Not knowing your competitions recruitment strategy can also severely impact employee retention.

  8. Targeted Facebook/Linkedin Ads

    Many a times, candidates are passively looking for a job change. A lot of candidates do not even know what all job portals to register on. Running Targetted Facebook/Linkedin Ads with an ideal candidate profile in mind can help you reach out to the ‘Ideal Employee’ much faster and much easily then any other medium.

  9. Forums and talent communities

    Forums are great places to find candidates. Candidates are engaged and share their expertise regularly. Look for highly knowledgeable and active users. If there is a rating system, look for users who have high ratings. You can explore generalized and specialized forums like Stack Overflow, Quora, Meetup, Dribble and various groups on Social media websites.

  10. Make a Strong Employer Brand with Content Marketing

    A strong employer brand goes a long way in attracting the best talent. Content marketing is a great way to raise awareness about your brand. Have your team share knowledge on their area of expertise be it a short article on Medium or your company blog. All this comes together to create a clear picture of what it’s like to work at your company.

  11. Stay connected with Your Talent Pool with Drip Email Marketing

    Don’t let your effort of finding those talented candidates that you turned down go to waste. They can become a ready pool of talent to fill your next position. An easy way to stay connected with them is through drip email marketing. Once you’ve hired for a position, start a campaign that sends regular drip emails. Through simple emails, keep reminding these people about your company, and ask them how they’re doing, and make it easy for them to check out your careers page and connect with your company on social media. This way, you’ll build up a list of people who remember you as a potential employer. You can also reach out to them via email as soon as you’ve got a position open.

  12. Do Employee/Job features

    This makes your company ‘Desirable’ to a prospective hire. Good Candidates appreciate companies that appreciate them. Follow practices like Welcoming New hires, Showcasing good work, showing off the on boarding goodies, Life at XYZ etc on social media.  Leverage your teams experience and career growth to show how good a team prospective hire’s are going to work with.

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